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Home Automation Starter Packs

We are pleased to bring you some great packages for controlling your lighting with home automation. They include everything you need to get started at creating a Smart Home, whether your project is big or small. Prices include installation and basic setup of the devices*. Please call or email us to find out more about these great deals!

Deal 1

1 x Home Center Lite**
3 x Dimmer 2 or Relay Switches

Only £525 + VAT

Deal 2

1 x Home Center Lite**
3 x Dimmer 2 or Relay Switches
3 x Motion Sensors

Only £625 + VAT

Deal 3

1x Home Center Lite**
6 x Dimmer 2 or Relay Switches
3 x Motion Sensors

Only £740 + VAT

*All prices subject to site survey
**Upgrade from Home Center Lite to Home Center 2 for just £250 + VAT

Home automation at its very best

A Fibaro installation works alongside the technology you rely on in your home or office every day. It can:

  • Switch things off when you forget to do so
  • Allow you to switch things on remotely
  • Alert you to any window or doors you may have left open or unlocked
  • Dim the lights to the level you like
  • Shut-off the water supply
  • Isolate any electronics from the danger of flooding

The range Z-wave enabled components available

To grant your Fibaro system access to all of the appliances and functions you want to control, there are a number of Z-wave enabled components on the market. They include:

  • Dimmer switches to control the levels of illumination
  • Single relay switches to facilitate control of an electronic appliance
  • Dual relay switches granting control access to two electronic appliances of up to 1.5kW each
  • RGBW controller for LEDs, RGBs, RGBW strips and low voltage halogen lights
  • The Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 – Controlling motorised blinds, roller shutters, curtains, awnings and windows
  • Fibaro wall plugs
  • Fibaro motion sensors
  • Fibaro door/window sensors
  • Fibaro smoke sensors
  • Fibaro flood sensors
  • Fibaro universal sensors

The Fibaro Z-wave home intelligence system has arrived

Home automation has been around for a number of years, but the arrival of the new Fibaro home intelligence system that utilizes Z-wave technology takes the Smart Home to the next level.

Who and what is Fibaro?

Fibaro, conceived, designed and manufactured by Fibaro UK, is probably the best and most advanced building intelligence automation management system on the planet. Suitable for the home or for the office, a Fibaro management system delivers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing your home environment.

Fibaro’s intelligent software will monitor and respond to the changes of the environment in your home, creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere in the most economic way that will save you money by optimizing energy efficiency.

The centre of the nervous system for a Fibaro installation is the Home Centre 2 electronic brain. This is where all of the data is processed and where the logic and decision making is made. Capable of communicating and controlling up to 230 devices at any one point in time, the Home Centre 2 operates via a wireless protocol knows the “Z-wave.”

The many advantages of having a Smart Home

Having a Fibaro system installed goes far beyond just having great home automation on the other end of your mobile or mobile device.

Electrical expertise

It goes far beyond. Fed-up with forgetting to set the video to record the unmissable program while you’re out? Never again! Just set it up remotely on-the-hoof.

Having a Fibaro system is more like having a valued personal assistant to look after you, your family and your home. It’s self maintaining and it even alerts you when appliances malfunction. It really is the way forward.

"If you don’t remember to set the alarm when you go on vacation, your Fibaro system can message you and query whether you want to turn it on remotely. It can switch off that iron you inadvertently left on, keep tabs on you via GPS tracking, and boil the kettle ready for making a cup of tea when you get home. As the Internet of Things expands there’s virtually no limit to what a Fibaro Smart Home system won’t be able to do for you."

Installing a Fibaro system is hassle-free

Electrical expertise

Because Fibaro utilises Z-wave technology, (a relatively low frequency (900MHz) radio signal) installation is hassle free. There will be no ripping up of floor boards or demolishing plaster-work. All devices communicate by radio and because of the low frequency the signal travels through walls effortlessly.

When compared to other home automation systems on the market. including wired systems such as Crestron, Lutron etc, Fibaro is significantly less expensive to install, and because its wireless it can be retrofitted by an approved Fibaro installation expert like iSparky in no time.

Here at iSparky, not only can we install your Fibaro home automation system, we can custom-design and configure it too. It’s all part of the service.

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