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Energy saving

Boiler management

Marshall-Tufflex Boiler Management Systems intelligently control the cycling of boilers to maximise their efficiency

This reduces unnecessary boiler firing during low load conditions, known as dry cycling, whilst still delivering the heat and hot water levels needed.

How does it work?

The principle of variable thermal response is used to achieve energy savings and two electronic sensors are fitted to the flow and return pipes of the boiler. Central heating systems are designed to operate with a variance of approximately 11 degrees centigrade between the outgoing and returning water temperature to the boiler when under full demand, i.e. during cold weather. The boiler firing pattern will be modified based on this variance.

The smaller the variance the less the boiler will fire as this would be ineffective and wasteful. As the variance increases again the boiler will begin to fire more. At a variance of 11 degrees centigrade or more the boiler firing modification is minimal. This means you get better and more accurate control with your central heating at a significantly reduced cost.

  • Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint
  • Reduces boiler firing cycle and therefore saves money without compromising on the provision of heating or hot water
  • Compact and unobtrusive
  • Easy to install by a qualified electrician
  • Typical payback within 2-3 years
  • Typically reduces the annual cost of a boiler by 20% (subject to boiler usage pattern).
  • External weather sensor available for even greater savings

Domestic Boiler Management

The Domestic Boiler Manager is compatible with mains gas, LPG and oil boilers so would be suitable for the majority of domestic households with traditional and combi boiler types.

The Domestic Boiler Management product is Energy Saving Trust Recommended. For more information visit energysavingtrust.org.uk

Commercial Boiler Management

The Commercial Boiler Management is typically installed in commercial environments with mains gas, LPG and oil boilers. It is suitable for single boilers and linked pairs of boilers under a common header where the boilers output exceeds 30kW.

Ideal for use in situations where a building management system is installed (BMS), as it will not compromise the maximum flow temperature as set by the boiler thermostat or BMS. An integral 7 day programmer with auto British Summer Time correction is incorporated.

Voltage optimisation - Voltis Home

Voltis Home offers substantial savings on domestic electricty bills and also helps you to be kinder to the environment.

  • Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint
  • Increases the life of household appliances
  • Easy to install by a qualified electrician
  • Greater savings compared to other systems

How is Voltis Home installed?

The unit is installed between the electricity meter and consumer unit. Installation is very straightforward, but must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Voltis Home will start saving money from the moment it is installed.

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